Business E-Banking

Our e-banking services give you the flexibility you need to manage your business finances every day. Whether you need to quickly pay a vendor or deposit a check to one of your Bank 34 business accounts, our Small Business Payments E-Banking features, Cash Management-Business E-Banking module, or Merchant Capture product makes the process simple.

Small Business E-Payments

Small Business E-Payments allows small businesses to quickly and securely transact with vendors, employees (e.g., payroll), and clients from within our consumer online banking. This product offers a simple way to initiate multiple payment types including scheduling bill payments, ACH debit transactions, ACH credit transactions, and domestic wires. It is easy to use, provides low cost options, is highly secure, and improves business productivity.

If you are a Small Business customer that has >10 employees, $0.5-$1M in annual revenue, and pays 20-30 invoices per month with checks, cards, ACH, or Wires, you are a perfect candidate for Small Business E-Payments.

Cash Management Business E-Banking

E-Banking allows small businesses and larger commercial companies to transact with vendors, employees (e.g., payroll), and clients. This is a powerful and sophisticated product to initiate multiple payment types including scheduling bill payments, ACH debit transactions, ACH credit transactions, and domestic wires.

  • Improve your cash flow
  • Streamline your cash management procedures
  • Have the information you need for success at your fingertips
  • Experience innovative tools and track your finances with powerful reporting tools
  • Balance Reporting
  • Detail Transaction Reporting
  • Balance Alerts
  • Set preferences to tailor the system to work the way you do, helping you be more efficient
  • Create email alert notifications to your email address that let you know when specified events occur in your accounts
  • System administrators can tailor the system to fit the needs of your company, and manage the users who have access to accounts
  • Easily managed for powerful administrative control and levels of authorized users with dual control features
  • Access to security user logs for internal control monitoring
  • Use the system knowing your transactions and information will be safe and secure

To learn more about how this service can benefit you, view our interactive Cash Management-Business E-Banking demo.

Merchant Capture (Remote Deposit Capture or RDC)

Deposit checks and money orders without ever leaving your office. Merchant Capture is a more efficient way to manage check deposits.

Organize your financesPay-Multiple-Payees

  • Eliminate manual deposit preparation and paper trails
  • Consolidate deposits from multiple locations into one centralized account
  • Integrate with QuickBooks®

Gain more time to focus on managing your business

  • Reduce or eliminate trips to the bank
  • Eliminate time consuming data entry

Easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Scan the check using the check scanner
  2. Verify and edit if necessary
  3. Submit through our secure network

We handle all the behind-the-scenes processing. Only a check scanner is required, which is available through us. There’s no need to install complicated software or purchase any expensive office equipment.