With the increasing news and concern regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus, Bank 34 wants to ensure our clients we are monitoring the developing situation and have resources in place to provide you continued service in any type of contingency situation. Our disaster recovery plan is the backbone for this ability which we test and verify annually.  We will continue to monitor the news and any reports or requirements from the CDC and local, state and federal governments. Our focus, dedication, and support are unwavering as we navigate these unique times. We hope you and your loved ones remain safe and healthy.

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For the latest clarification dated March 23, 2020 of 3.20.2020 letter to clients to call branch for appointment if further assistance is needed, click here:  3.23.2020 WEBSITE_clarification to update of 3.20.2020 letter regarding lobby closure-open for business

FDIC Frequently Asked Questions for Bank Customers Affected by COVID-19:  FDIC FAQ – COVID-19 – For Bank Customers_3.24.2020

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FDIC Press Release dated March 18, 2020:  Insured Bank Deposits Are Safe; Beware of Potential Scams Using the Agency’s Name:  FDIC Press Release_3.18.2020

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To learn more about our disaster recovery plan or read entire letter dated March 11, 2020 to clients about COVID-19, click here: Bank 34 Coronavirus Response Letter to Clients – dated 3.11.2020.