The Federal Trade Commission released a press release for aggressive action against COVID-related scams, including those that seek to exploit pandemic relief efforts.

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[March 11, 2021]  ONLINE ROMANCE SCAMS

After months of social distancing and being apart from family and friends, it’s hard to resist connecting with new people. But scammers are taking advantage of this loneliness to trick people out of their money. If you or someone you know gets a message from a stranger on the internet, beware, because the person who messages you may not be who they say they are.

A romance scam is when a new love interest tricks you into falling for them when they really just want your money. Romance scams start in a few different ways, usually online. For example, you may receive a friend request, follower request, or direct message on social media, or maybe the connection happens on a dating app. Some romance scammers will even email or text you directly.

Source:  Erin Scheithe  |  Click here to learn how to spot and avoid this scam.


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