Online Banking Password Changes

Effective January 9, 2018, Internet Online Banking passwords will have an expiration date of 120 days.

  • Users will now have their password expiration period begin at the next successful login. From that time forward, we will continue to track each time the user’s password is changed via:
    • Forgotten Password
    • Administrator Reset Password in New Support Dashboard
    • Temporary Password Mandatory Password Change
    • My Settings
  • Previous 4 passwords will not be allowed. Additionally, it will also disallow the new password when only the case of the letter(s) the new password has changed from one of those recently used password. For example, “avery123!” would not be allowed for a new password if “Avery123!” was a password used to recently.
    • Must be at least eight characters long and no longer than 32 characters o Must contain characters from at least two of the following three categories:
      • Letters
      • Numbers
      • Any special characters
    • Cannot contain any whitespace (spaces are not allowed: including before, in the middle of, or after the password)
    • Passwords are case sensitive
  • There will be a warning message displayed 10 days before your password expires to provide you an advance notice. The user can take action to change the password then or defer. The warning message will continue to be shown at each login until the user changes the password. Once expired though, the user will be forced to change the password before being able to access their Online Banking session.
    • There is no warning prompt in the Mobile Apps or Mobile Web