Don P. Van Winkle


Don Van Winkle

Mr. Van Winkle joined the Board of Directors in June 2013. He advises mid-market companies on corporate development processes and initiatives, bank-relations, chief financial officer and board issues. Previous experience includes: Vistage Chair for Vistage International from 2011 through 2014 (a CEO peer advisory organization); Managing Director for SDR Ventures, a Denver-based investment banking company and mezzanine debt fund; three years as both President and Corporate Banking Manager for two Denver-based middle-market banking groups; seven years as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Van Winkle’s Farmers Market, Inc. (a 500 employee IGA retail grocery store group based in New Mexico), which he successfully sold in 2002; and Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Fresh Produce Sportswear, Inc., a sportswear design and distribution firm based in Boulder, Colorado where he additionally served on the Board of Directors for 10 years. Mr. Van Winkle’s experience is instrumental in high level evaluation of our credit management processes and practices and his experience as a chief financial officer and chief executive officer qualifies him to serve as our audit compliance financial expert.